4th Time is a Charm!


Friday I went in for surgery on my right knee for the 4th time - It has been about 20 years since the last time that I had surgery on my knee so I was pretty nervous as the recovery time was really long -meaning I was on crutches for about 3-4 months with limited mobility. So when I heard I probably needed surgery I again I was frustrated needless to say.

Friday morning Dr. Barber based here in Dallas performed the surgery and it went off without a hitch. What was amazing to me is that I felt little to no pain and  even today 3 days later feel no pain. The only pain medicine that I took was extra strength Tylenol and I mainly took it because I had such a headache from the anesthesia.

I am back on my feet and feeling great and am looking forward to getting back in the gym as I am still working towards getting back on that NPC stage in August - I am still going to push for that date but will be flexible if I need to readjust my goals to accommodate my recovery.

The best part of going though surgery or health issue is that it shows who cares the most about you. I have such an awesome support system. I live very far from my family so when your best girlfriend in Dallas offers to help you, my personal trainer offered to help me, my neighbor offered to help me and then  got a ton of messages from people who are so important to me just to see how I was doing - confirms for me just who matters most to me.

I really have been thinking  a lot lately about just being grateful for the incredible people in my life and i always want to make sure that the people that I love the most know it even when/if they might not feel the same way. we are only here for so long and I don't want anyone to think I didn't love them or care about them.

Thank you for all the support. I love you guys!


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